Marble is a metamorphic rock.

It began its journey as a coral reef beneath an ancient sea millions of years ago. The reef eventually became buried under earth and rock, and the calcium rich bones of the little creatures which lived among the reef and seas which eventually became calcium carbonate or limestone. Then, the limestone was buried even further beneath the earth’s surface, and, under tremendous heat and pressure, the calcium carbonate crystallized into marble.

Marble is also commonly found almost everywhere on earth. Because it is composed of calcium carbonate, it is easily soluble in food acids, and semi-soluble in water. Calcium carbonate is a soft material and can be easily scratched by metal tools like knives. The presence of other minerals in the calcium carbonate is what gives marble its rich color variations and veining. Marble comes in almost as many colors as granite, and comes in a much wider range of patterns.

In this case, marble is the superior choice due to its superb beauty. For flooring, it’s a toss-up. Heads or tails? Granite or marble?

Marble has a more random variety of color swirls and veining, often including crystal pockets. And while, compared to granite, it may not be as tough or resilient, it is still a very strong stone, and the fact that so many marble building from ancient Rome and Greece are still standing proves its durability. We can safely say that granite is still a superior choice over marble for kitchen countertops.

After 10 years of use, marble countertops tend to be scratched by knives, stained by food acids and dull from water and cleaning solutions, which wears away the polished surface. A deep cleaning and resurfacing can completely revitalize such weary countertops to their original glory. Granite countertops will still look practically brand new after 10 yrs of use, as long as they are maintained properly.

And even though in may not be as dramatic as marble, kitchen countertops in today’s era are, above all else utilitarian. Granite is just as dramatic and beautiful, and incredibly practical, which makes it the superior choice. Table tops on furniture pieces while also utilitarian, are also considered decorative. And the certainly receive less abuse and spills than kitchen countertops, especially if the table is outside the dining area.

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