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The countertops can make a huge difference in the look and feel of any kitchen space. The right countertop materials can do much to create a stunning kitchen area. Whether you’re looking for kitchen countertops, bars, fireplace surrounds or tub surrounds, we carry a variety of countertop and solid surface options made from many durable materials and with unique finishes. Learn more about our kitchen countertop styles at All Marble, Granite, & Tile in Central and South New Jersey.

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Customers can find an extensive inventory of high-quality quartzite, granite, quartz, dolomite, marble, soapstone, limestone, semi-precious stone and onyx countertops at All Marble, Granite, & Tile. Our design experts can help you select the right style and design of the cabinet while sticking to your budget. We work with you directly as, kitchen in-house designers, fabricators, and installers, giving customers high-quality countertop products designed to hold up for many years. With reasonable, competitive prices, customers find exactly what they need and can afford.

At All Marble, Granite, & Tile, we carry a variety of countertop types and materials, including:


Granite is a common stone made from crystallized and bonded feldspar and quartz. This igneous rock forms under the Earth’s crust and cools slowly. Because of this, granite offers enhanced durability, scratch and heat resistance, as well as food and water resistance. Those looking to install granite countertops in their homes can find options in many colors and aesthetic patterns. The cost of granite countertops depends on the level and rarity of the type of granite.


Quartzite comes from quartz-rich chert or sandstone formed in high pressures and temperatures. The high pressures and temperatures fuse the grains to create durable, dense matrix of metamorphic rock that is bonded. This type of countertop consists of more than 90% quartz, with some options holding 99% quartz. Homeowners love that quartzite surfaces cannot scratch easily and enjoy their sugary, glassy appearance.


Quartz countertops are man-made from engineered stone, which combines 90% ground quartz with 8-10% pigments, resins, and polymers. That combination allows for a scratch resistant and non-porous solid surface option as countertops. Think the aesthetics of marble, but durability of granite. Depending on how they grind the quartz, quartz countertops can offer different appearances. For example, finely ground quartz with veining pigments creates a marble look, while coarsely ground quartz provides a flecked, speckled appearance.

Customers can browse our quartz countertops in many colors and finishes, including polish, honed or leather finish. These countertops are stain and crack-resistant and do not require sealing or resealing. Homeowners can also clean these countertops easily with microfiber cloth, mild soap and water.


Marble starts off as limestone, mainly composed of calcite from remnants of coral reefs, fossils, shells, and sea debris. The sediment leftover in deposits around the world undergoes extreme pressure, heat and specialized conditions forming marble. While a majority of the marbles on the market are high in calcite allowing for white slabs, the combination of other minerals and metals can turn marble green, red, pink or blue, creating unique colors and swirling patterns. Marble countertops come in a variety of colors and styles.

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Homeowners across Central and South Jersey wanting to upgrade their kitchen spaces can stop in our Cherry Hill, NJ, showroom. We provide design expertise, project management, and installation services alongside our kitchen countertop options. We ensure 100% satisfaction guaranteed through our products and installation services. To learn more about our countertops and get a complimentary in-house consultation, contact us today at All Marble, Granite, & Tile.

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