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Step 5: Installation Day

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On the day we are scheduled to install your countertop, please prepare the area for us. Move any items that will be in harm’s way. Make sure any items required to be installed like faucets and cook tops are on site.

It is best if your stove and dishwasher are set in place, they do not have to be hooked up, but set in place and level. Please allow for 1 to 2 hours for installation depending upon size of the job.

We will install the under mount sink to the granite and the epoxy it in place.

It is imperative that the sink not be disturbed for minimum of 12 hrs. Once the epoxy is set then the sink can be hooked up and any disposers installed. Our installers will clean up the area and apply sealer to your new countertop. They will review the top and have you sign off on a satisfaction form. Please take time to go over the top and check for any scratches or blemishes, take your hand and wipe them over the surface and visually inspect the tops and our work. Granite naturally has very small cracks, fissures and pits in the surface, these are to be considered normal and are not a defect.

If there are any issues, inform the crews and allow them to take care of the issue. Once our crew leaves then any issues to come back will require an additional service charge. If you purchased a customer care kit, review the directions and familiarize yourself with the products. We recommend that you reapply the sealer 24 hours after the installation to ensure a “good” barrier of sealer on your countertop.

Follow the maintenance instructions in your customer care kit to keep your countertop looking as good as new.

After your new granite countertops are installed, the next step is to simply ENJOY!

Nothing compares to the beauty of natural stone. Granite Countertops are a highly durable countertop and beautiful choice for any kitchen or bath.

Still have questions? No problem, we’re happy to help just


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